• Full title: Kellin Clovergaze
  • Race: Elf
  • Hometown: Winterhaven
  • Relations: Partner of Miranda Moongem
  • Occupation: Herbalist, specializing in the extraction of plant essence for the creation of curative balms and potions.


Came to Gardmore Abbey with Miranda and set about documenting the unusual plant mutations. He was killed in the night by a deranged Miranda while he slept.

He kept a detailed journal of their findings which describes the following:

  • Counts of common and rare plant species
  • Strange mutations of known plants as well as new(?) species

On second perusal of the journal, you notice there is writing at the end of the book which you had previously overlooked. It appears that he had a parallel system of notetaking, one from each end of the book.

  • Runes inscribed on the floor of the Abbey entry - Wary of the runes (which appeared to be recently carved) they always skirted around them.
  • Large painted skull on the floor at the base of the steeply ramped corridor. Out of place with the original nature of the monastery devoted to Bahamut. They took care to steer around it. Also, tired of struggling to cross the ice every time they came through, they eventually stretched a rope between two statues to aid in crossing the cursed ice.
  • In the third and final chamber, it was mentioned that they had begun partially excavating a cave-in which appeared to seal off another passageway.
  • Nothing further about the Abbey itself