• Full title: Miranda Moongem
  • Race: Elf
  • Hometown: Winterhaven
  • Relations: Sister of Delphina Moongem
  • Occupation: Alchemist, specializing in the extraction of animal & plant toxins and creation of exotic poisons.


Along with her partner, Kellin Clovergaze, her foraging led her to Gardmore Abbey where she discovered an unusual amount of spider activity. They set up camp a good ways from the abbey and begin the process of collection and documentation, and the occasional examination and test of actual animal subjects. They were alarmed to discover that it was not simply unusual activity, but the spiders themselves were host to a number of mutations, far too many to be of natural origin. And the nearby plantlife as well, evidenced unnatural changes.

For a while they limited their work to activity outside the abbey, but it became clear that something in the abbey itself was responsible for all the changes, so they begin to explore the ruins. Even lovers of spiders as they were, the infestation within the temple was far too much for even they to consider the idea of spending the night inside. So they would nightly return to their camp to sleep.

One day, Miranda discovered a secret passage that contained an immense hoard of treasure. Rather than share the knowledge with her partner, greed took over and she concealed the discovery with the intent of one day returning for it herself.

Eventually, the expected happened.. she was bitten by a spider. This was nothing new to Miranda.. it was part of the job, and if anyone knew how to deal with spider bites, it was her. Unfortunately, this was no mere spider bite. Her antitoxins were ineffectual against the venom. As she lie in bed that night, working through alternative antidotes in her mind, madness set in, and her descent was rapid. The seed of greed for the treasure was transformed into a severe paranoia. She feared her partner was going to betray her so she struck first. She took his dagger and stabbed him in the back as he slept. Then she grabbed a light and hurried back to the abbey to guard her treasure.

In her haste, she triggered the symbol of Vecna trap which released a host of undead into the top level of the ruins. Hemmed in, she sought refuge in the secret room and inscribed a magic circle to ward undead. Over the course of the next week, her body failed to ward off the disease (Cackle Fever) and she fell into a catatonic state, unable to move or take any actions.

She presently lies near the treasure, catatonic and near death within her magic circle.

The catatonic state is the result of a disease and may only be cured via an appropriate ritual like Cure Disease or Remove Affliction.