• Full title: Sergeant Murgeddin
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Hometown: Fallcrest
  • Relations: Good friends with Teldorthan Ironhews
  • Occupation: Sergeant and leader of a detachment of five guards who watch the Wizard's Gate in the eastern wall of the city.


Murgeddin Loves to hang out in the Blue Moon Alehouse with Teldorthan Ironhews.


He is also a veteran who fought in the Bloodspear War and was present at the Battle of Gardbury, where Fallcrest’s army was defeated. A friendly drink goes a long way toward loosening Murgeddin’s tongue about that long-ago war.

During the battle, Murgeddin saw the old Lord Markelhay flee into the catacombs under the Gardmore Abbey and never come out. The dwarf suspects that the ancestral sword of the MarkelhaysAranda Markelhay’s magic longsword Moonbane—lies somewhere below the abbey.